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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Healing Comes Through Many Avenues

Been getting ready for this Saturday's Day of Tarot Readings. Spiffing up the shop a little, running business cards, you know, the usual kind of stuff.

Have also checked up on whether or not flyers were still up around town, continued to post info on the web and followed up with other folks who are helping promote this event.

In the process, it's been interesting to learn that a lot of folks are surprised I do readings. I explained that I tend to focus on assisting people with herbal consultations, hypnotherapy for behavior modification as well as past life regression and Reiki energy healing, but that tarot and intuitive guidance is also another avenue for healing.

Just like hypnotherapy can help someone overcome fears, blocks and obstacles in their life's path, tarot and intuitive guidance can aid someone in more clearly viewing where they are and where they are headed.

While a reading can indicate where one's path may lead, I truly believe that each of us can make changes to that path. Therefore, a reading is usually not a prediction of exactitude, but more an indication of where we may be headed.

One example of this in action happened last Winter. A young woman was considering a job change, but wasn't sure about a new position that she was offered.

The reading helped her to step forward with confidence and leave a job that had deadended for her. She had the confidence to ask for more money (and got it!) even though the recruiter discouraged her from doing so. She's now more confident, self-possessed and feeling more competent than she had felt in the last several years.

This woman could have ignored the reading and stayed in a dead-end situation. Instead, she used the reading to guide her and overcome her fears about dealing with a new situation.

That's what I mean about tarot and intuitive guidance being another avenue for healing.

Anything that helps us in a positive way can be a healing and transformative force in our lives.

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