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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Jojoba Oil That Good for Your Skin?

In a word...YES.

In aromatherapy, massage and even perfumery, certain carrier oils are favored for their healing properties. Jojoba Oil, also known as Simmondsia chinensis, is one such oil.

It is usually added to a massage oil base at about 10 percent of the whole mixture of oils used. For example, a nice massage oil blend might include ten percent jojoba oil and 90 percent apricot kernel oil.

Used in aromatic perfume or aromatherapy blends, jojoba oil is used full strength as the base oil in which one dilutes the essential oils.

An anti-oxidant, jojoba oil contains high amounts of vitamin E and can extend the shelf life of other oils. This is a unique product because this "oil" is not composed of fat but liquid wax.

According to its Wikipedia entry, Jojoba is grown for the liquid wax in its seeds. Its oil is rare in that it is an extremely long (C36-C46) straight-chain wax ester and not a triglyceride, making jojoba more similar to sebum and whale oil than to traditional vegetable oils.

This makes Jojoba oil ideal for use in cosmetics due to its molecular stability and its natural moisturizing and healing properties. With an indefinite shelf life, and no rancidity level, jojoba is suitable for all skin types. Because it is anti-oxidant , it can extend the shelf life of other oils and is very good as a superfatting agent in soapmaking since it resists rancidity.

It can be very beneficial in the treatment of dry scalps and skin because It is highly penetrating and closely resembles our skin's sebum. Used as a facial moisturizer it gives delightful results. It also contains myristic acid, which is anti-inflammatory, making it a good oil for arthritis and rheumatism.

Additionally, some folks find it helps to use this oil applied externally to skin in the treatment of dry eczema or psoriasis.

Used as a base for essential oil blends in aromatherapy and as a base oil for natural perfumes.

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