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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New at the Shop

Just in at Beads N Botanicals...

New blank journals for writing down your innermost thoughts, dreams, recipes and garden plans. Some pretty, some practical, all special.

Books, Books, Books...

While we are not a "Book Store" with a capital "B", we offer a nice selection of beading, jewelry making, aromatherapy, medicinal herbalism, self development inspirational, spiritual and recovery books. With some odds and ends thrown in for good measure.

Just in...Divining the Future, a guide to deciphering dreams, symbols and signs to deepen self-knowledge and help you make the most of opportunities in your life.

The sweetest boxed set for Valentine's Day, or any day....Passages from The Perfumed Garden, Erotic Instructions in Love and Desire, which offers humorous and good advice on relationships. The boxed set includes a bottle of oil perfumed with an oriental fragrance.

And, of course, Beads N Botanicals offers custom made jewelry. If you want something special for a Valentine's Day gift, you still have time to place your order.


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