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Friday, December 16, 2005

Four Weeks With Doors Wide Open

Tomorrow will be four weeks that Beads N Botanicals is open for business.

More folks are discovering "us" all the time.

I'm finding that I will have to learn Spanish because there are quite a few Hispanics still living in the area who originally came to work the farms from Mexico. Nice folks. It's kind of funny that the store used to be the Migrant Workers Office at one time.

Got back from a wholesale gem & jewelry show in Chicago last weekend and I'm still sorting through ALL the goodies...from semi-precious stone beads, amethyst cluster tea light holders, sterling silver beads and lampworked beads.

Only have most of my oils and incense (plus some herbs) at the website, but if you cannot make it to the physical store, check out our internet location at http://www.wiseweeds.net


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