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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

On the Road

Hi folks,
Just to let you know, I expect to be at Sirius Rising and Starwood at Brushwood in Sherman, NY come the middle of July. If you're interested, you can check out the dates at http://www.brushwood.com

Like last year, I will be presenting herbal/aromatherapy classes at Sirius Rising.
AND, in breaking news ;*) I am a speaker at STARWOOD this year. http://www.rosencomet.com

I'll be discussing Herbal Safety: Medicinal vs. Magickal Herbs (those of you who have already taken this workshop know we discuss "stupid people tricks" and other entertaining notions.)Scents & Scentsuality. And, I will be co-presenting a workshop called: "Love as Thou Will" on polyamory with Ed Hubbard.

I also expect to be at the Northeast Naturists Festival in mid-August. This small, but wonderful event, takes place at Empire Haven, in Moravia, NY.


Yes, it's true. I am FINALLY going to have a professionally designed website. What that means to you is that, besides being to order from my ebay store, you will be able to deal directly with me AND read up to date articles on herbalism, aromatherapy, spiritual uses of oils and incense and different aspects of crystals. (Okay, this is not going to happen all at once, but we're going to get there!!!! )
In the meantime, find out what's for sale at our EBAY store. It includes incense, oils, essential oils, booksand auctions of all sorts of goods and fun items.

And, in case you've been wondering, it's been a busy season already for me.
Wise Weeds was at the Sacred Sexuality Beltane Festival at Ramblewood in Maryland in April. I spoke on "Scents & Scentsuality," and co-presented a workshop on polyamory with Ed Hubbard.

The next weekend Wise Weeds was at the Blue Ridge Pagan Alliance Beltane at Heavenly Acres in Standardsville, VA. Always a lovely location, great people and a lot of fun. Overall, the weather was great for us, too!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Wise Weeds was at GOTT (Gathering of the Tribes) in Isle of Wight at Blackwater Campground. We shared a vending space with Michelle West, whom some of you may know from her store, Moon Dance, which had been open in Virginia Beach until the end of March. We had a great time seeing friends and catching up on news.
The first weekend in June was a new adventure: The St. Louis Pagan Picnic, which took place June 4 and 5. Because I am the "official" supplier of oils and incense to witchschool.com, they invited me to share their vending space. The heat was intense. But if you wanted days filled with ritual, music of all types and TONS of shopping, it was a great place to be.


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