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Monday, August 07, 2006

Missed Everyone At Sirius Rising and Starwood

Gosh, this is the first time in almost a dozen years that my son and I have not been on the festival circuit. In addition to smaller events, we had always looked forward to vending at Sirius Rising and Starwood, both events held at Brushwood in Sherman, N.Y.

Business considerations precluded our going this year. Wonderfully, a long-term friend and customer volunteered to post contact info so anyone looking for us could find us. After speaking with her this weekend, I found we really were missed. And I can say, without reservations, we missed seeing you all!

If you haven't already discovered, we now have a storefront in Hoopeston, IL. Not the most "happening" place in the world, however, if you come out and visit us, it will become much more fun. Hint. Hint.

We've already had visitors whom we've known for a few years from festival. It brought back a lot of memories to sit and blend custom oils. Fortunately, our store does NOT have a muddy floor of worn grass!!! Yep, dealing with varied weather conditions is one thing I don't miss.

Lots of folks have been asking if we'll be back at Brushwood next year. The answer is, I'm not sure. It's all going to depend on where we need to be at the time, although I'd love to present workshops on herbalism and aromatherapy again at both events.

Ironically enough, I'm now not only teaching herbal, aromatherapy and jewelry making classes, but also classes on meditation, developing intuition, and other topics (as you can see from our class listings below). There's been a small, but growing demand in this area for an environment that is clean, safe, and welcoming for these types of classes, and I decided, after a lot of consideration, to meet that demand.

We're still making Romp in the Woods (TM) incense, oils, soaps and bath salts. And, while they're not up on our website yet, we still have the Luscious Lips and Slick.... soaps. ;*) So, if you can't make it out to see us in person, at least stop by our website!

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