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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter gardening experiment

Wishing everyone a happy New Year. Winter storms may blow, but we can keep warm not only by turning up the heat, but by stretching, walking, shoveling snow (a little at a time, please, to avoid overexertion.)

One of my delights this year has been an indoor gardening experiment. This year I am privileged to have an attached 3-season room that we are working hard to make a four-season room. 

Last year we were rather spoiled by the warmer-than-average Winter weather. This year's subzero temperatures (before wind chill is factored in) has presented challenges because of the limitations of electric heaters and the way the electric works in our "sun" room. Blessedly, the old kerosene heater gifted to us works, and works well.

So, not only have the three different types of Kale continued to grow, but also French & Italian mesclun salads, Arugala, Swiss Chard AND jalepeno peppers and tomatoes. Green onions and green garlic, rosemary and sage are also doing well.

BTW, this picture was taken in November 2013, There's lots more kale than meets the eye in this photo. ~Catherine

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