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Monday, March 25, 2013

Astrology in the 21st Century

Taught by Amalia Pursell, this class includes a basic introduction to the concepts of Astrology, including the zodiac, the natal chart, the planets, and the houses. It also covers the changes in astronomy in our era: the reclassification of Pluto, the precession of the Earth's Axial Tilt, Ophiuchus, the so-called thirteenth sign, and how these alterations affect Astrology.

Amalia Pursell is a practicing astrologer. Her specialties include the trigonometry of the celestial sphere, the mathematics on which astrology is based, and chart synastry: the study of relationships through comparing two or more peoples' astrological charts. She comes from a long line of astrologers, and has created natal charts for people from all over the world.
Cost: $20 pre-paid by March 23rd; $25 thereafter and at the door. Two or more pre-registered students needed for this class to run.

Wednesday, March 27, 6 pm to 8pm

Astrology in the 21st Century


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